When the wolves come out of the walls

A crazy day here preparing for the conference. Kaja, Bill and I have been frantically exchanging messages, fielding hundreds of emails and sorting through the many werewolf novels that have been sent to us in the post. The afternoon was spent finalising the Peter the Wild Boy trip and giving an interview to the Independent (possibly out tomorrow). Between us I think we have taken just about every possible question on the werewolf (don’t ask). I will be summarising some of these lupine gems in my welcome talk! Seriously though things have really, really taken off and we’ve had global coverage with more to come over the next few days.
I spent the afternoon talking to the lovely Rev’d Gordon in Northchurch about our wild boy trip. He is very happy for us to picnic in the churchyard and will help us to find Peter’s grave and see the portrait and plaque inside the church. The story of Peter seems to have really captured the public’s imagination and our trip has been widely reported in the press. So much so that we now have two French reporters joining us on the coach!! Funny to think of French readers pondering over the significance of our graveyard picnic! I am speaking on Peter and other wolf children in my plenary so I’m delighted that this topic is suddenly so newsworthy. We now have filming going on at the event and a werewolf model created by one of our animation students on display. I just can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings….only a few days to go before the wolves come out of the walls….beyond exciting!!

Weeping Angel



About Lucy Northenra

Dr Sam George, Coffin Boffin, Senior Lecturer in Literature, University of Hertfordshire, Convener Open Graves, Open Minds Project
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